larry-riceLarry Rice is a preacher in St. Louis, Missouri and the founder and director of New Life Evangelistic Center.

Larry Rice was born in McAllen, Texas in 1949 where he graduated from Sharyland High School in 1967. He attended Concordia College in Austin, Texas and Concordia Senior College in Fort Wayne, Indiana where he received his BA Degree in Theology & Social Psychology in June 1971. Larry Rice was ordained through Calvary Temple in Fort Wayne on December 12, 1971. In 1987 he was honored with a Doctor of Divinity Degree from McKendree College in Lebanon, Illinois.

Rev. Larry Rice is a preacher and Bible teacher whose vision has long been to connect the faith of the average churchgoer to the real needs of people in crippling financial situations. He has long maintained that to believe that all men and women are made in the image of God but to leave them caught in an unjust system that rewards the greedy should be unconscionable. Since 1972, he has used many different forms of media communication and educational resources to preach the Kingdom message of God’s liberation both from greed and poverty.

pennydebra-riceHe has three grown children with his late wife and Co-Founder of NLEC, Penny Rice: Christopher, Stephanie, and Jennifer. Larry married Debra Rice in February 2009 and presently lives in St. Louis, Missouri. Larry enjoys long walks in parks and nature preserves whenever possible. He enjoys hanging out with his children and eight grandchildren.

As founder and director of New Life Evangelistic Center Larry Rice began a medical clinic, assistance programs for food, rent, utility and funeral expenses, an Adult Literacy Class, Winter Patrol, the Summer Distribution Programs of fans and air conditioners, the winter distribution of blankets, heaters and insulation kits, apartment and job referral, transportation assistance, violence prevention classes, and computer training.

Larry Rice opened numerous shelters for the homeless throughout Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Arkansas. Many sites have since been closed.

Beginning in 1987, NLEC partnered with Pastor Paparao Yelechuri to establish an orphanage in Kakinada, South India to care for orphans. Steadily this work grew to include a medical clinic, a school, street evangelism, and a feeding program. From there, NLEC’s outreach program extends to, among other programs, numerous orphanages (caring for hundreds of abandoned children), schools (free, for about 400 poor children), feeding programs, medical clinics, assistance to lepers (including 200 leper families in Kakinada, who receive food provisions 12 times monthly, and attend weekly medical help programs). Learn more.

NLEC has supported the Poor Children’s Assistance Project in Haiti for over 30 years. The Poor Children’s Assistance Project is directed by Ricot Louis Juste. Ricot took over his father Nicholas Louis Juste, who died in April 2009. Mona Louis Juste, Nicholas Louis Juste’s wife, assists Ricot in the daily operations of the organization. Pastor Nicholas established more than 20 schools and churches, plus 4 orphanages throughout Haiti. All, but one, of the buildings in the organization were destroyed by the earthquake in January 2010. That building is currently the home of the remaining orphans that the organization takes care of. Learn more

NLEC has run and supported humanitarian and evangelistic programs in Nigeria since 1978. For over 30 years, NLEC Nigeria has continued its programs distributing garri (a popular West African food made from cassava tubers) and other food staples on a monthly basis, with special focus on widows, small children, the elderly and a local care home for the mentally ill. Along with its feeding program, NLEC continues to support the Bible College it founded in Apapa Lagos.

NLEC continues to support the humanitarian efforts of Kathy Ribbs Ministries, an outreach to underprivileged, especially transient, children in Mongolia who otherwise could not afford official registration, and thereby were disqualified from attending public school. Through this program, many children earned the qualification to enter school and receive the education crucial to their successful employment as adults.

Grace Evangelical Mission, Inc. (GEM), continued its primary work of evangelistic outreach throughout the Philippines via church-planting and Christian missionary work, especially in the Luzon Island area. GEM has received financial support from NLEC for more than 20 years.

are-logo more-logoHe is the founder of Missouri Renewable Energy (MORE) and American Renewable Energy (ARE), which provide training in renewable energies like solar, wind, bio-diesel micro-hydro, and gasification . The Missouri Renewable Energy website ( ) offers information on renewable energy classes, free fairs, and the Missouri Renewable Energy membership.

Larry Rice co-founded The Dollar Help Program with Sister Pat Kelly at the Laclede Gas Company in St. Louis. This program raised several million dollars to help the needy pay gas bills during the winter months, by encouraging people to add just $1 to their gas payments to help those who were struggling to pay their bills.

He also founded The Missouri Coalition for the Homeless, which has taken up an advocacy role to help fight the cycle of homelessness through better legislation and public awareness. For example, he led the fight against blighting in south St. Louis which would have taken possession of the homes of several elderly long-term residents through eminent domain. Also, the public was reminded of the plight of the homeless through his efforts at the Hopeville tent city. The public can also get involved in the Annual Night with the Homeless, an educational event to teach the community about the plight of the homeless through direct interaction. Many concerned citizens sleep outside to show their solidarity with homeless men, women, and children.

history-larry-tvLarry Rice is the Director and Founder of the Here’s Help Radio & TV Network, which helps the poor and homeless to be set free from the cycle of poverty through training in broadcasting while providing wholesome family, community and inspirational programming. This direct-help network includes NLEC TV 24.2 in St. Louis along with the community low-power TV stations in Marshfield, and Joplin, Missouri. The Here’s Help Network also includes radio stations KNLG in New Bloomfield, MO; KMRF in the Marshfield/Springfield, MO area; KNLH in Cedar Hill, MO; KNLP in Potosi, MO; KKLL in Webb City, MO; and KNLN in Vienna, MO. These stations are all operated by formerly homeless people who are in training for a position in broadcasting and provide inspirational and wholesome family programming. They are a voice for the “voiceless” – sharing stories of the poor so their experiences, hopes, and dreams will not be forgotten. They also provide awareness and advocacy for social and environmental injustices in our local and global communities and fundraising support for the humanitarian work of the New Life Evangelistic Center. You can listen online to a stream of the Here’s Help Radio Network from anywhere in the world at

He has used his accomplishments in paralegal studies and private investigative work to start the Cry Justice Division among prisoners.

Rev. Larry Rice has received numerous awards and honors over the years, a few of which are: ABC’s Person of the Week, USA Today Newsmakers, The Riverfront Times Best of St. Louis Quality of Life Award, Human Necessities & Justice Award, the Dr. Marin Luther King, Jr. Award, the Distinguished Christian Service & Social Work Award from the National Association of Christian Social Workers, plus many additional awards.

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