July 14, 2019

Passage: Jeremiah 22:13-14, Ezekiel 34:2-4, 7, 10, Ephesians 5, Isaiah 3:13-15
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Some years back Matthew and I were visiting the old Daniel Boone homestead when I heard a cry in a neighboring pasture.  It sounded like a baby in distress.  As I looked in the direction of where the sound was coming from I saw a cow with it head down periodically moving forward and stomping the ground in front of it.

When I saw the source of the cries for help was a small fawn that was being stomped by the cow, I climbed over the fence and ran to the fawn’s defense.  The cow which had been reacting out of fear for its own calf had been trying to rid its pasture of this strange creature.

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